Re: About pangowin32...

Darren Chuck writes:
 > I know how to reproduce it:
 > Control Panel -> Regional Options -> Language settings for the system
 > Choose Tradition Chinese as default and set the System Locale to be 
 > Chinese (Taiwan)

Hmm. In Win2k, I did Control Panel -> Regional Options -> General ->
Your locale: Chinese (Taiwan).

I did see Chinese both in GTK+ 2.0's testgtk's color and font
selection (with the pango.aliases file present), and in GTK+ 1.3.0's
testgtk. (And GIMP 1.2.4 runs, in Chinese.)

 > Gimp1.2 crashes at it's debut.

Note that this thread originally was about GTK+ 2.0. GIMP 1.2 uses
GTK+ 1.3.0 (gtk-1-3-win32-production branch), where the font machinery
is totally different.


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