Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Owen Taylor wrote:

Yes, actually - I'm seeing one on Solaris build - after installing
expat and fontconfig.
    configure: error: Library requirements (xft >= 2.0.0) not met;
consider adjusting the        PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if
your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so
    pkg-config can find them.

should it be in bugzilla?

Yep. I think I've fixed this now in CVS.

Thanks. This makes configure go well - but there are two more errors I'm seeing - one is pango/pango/ and another is perhaps in I built.

First, $(FREETYPE_CFLAGS) has been removed from INCLUDES macro. Due to
this, freetype/freetype.h cannot be found at $(prefix)/freetype2/ directory which is
given by $(FREETYPE_CFLAGS). Can you please revert this change?

Second one, I'll need to look into more - but there seems unresolved name symbols in the I built. Due to this when linking up, I was
told like:
"ld: fatal: file /gnome/head/INSTALL/lib/ unknown file type"
Any clue, maybe Erwann?


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