Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Hi Owen,

Just to be sure I'm understanding of the implications are correct :

- pango has now a full dependency on fontconfig.
  (As a side question why is fontconfig using expat instead of libxml)
- pango has now a full dependency on xft.
  (which in turn as a dependency the XRender extension)

(by full dependency I mean configure stop if fontconfig.pc and xft.pc 
are not present on the system).

So this mean effectively mean that pango will only work on XFree, right ?

If so is there a way/plan to make these dependencies conditional to make
pango and therefore all GNOME 2.0 applications work on other X servers ? 
(Yes, you are right, I'm thinking about Sun's X Server).


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>Subject: Heads up on Pango HEAD
>From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>
>Pango HEAD now is using fontconfig and Xft2:
> * A 'fcpackage' source tarball containing both of these can 
>   be found at:
> * Red Hat RPMS can be found at:
> * If you aren't interested in bleeding-edge Pango developement, you should
>   be using use the pango-1-0 branch of Pango.
> * Until we get a Win32 port of fontconfig, the pango-1-0 branch
>   will also be needed on Windows.
> * The fontconfig library is now used for both the Xft and FT2
>   backends. mini-xft is gone. The font configuration file is
>   found in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
>                                        Owen
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