Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede Sun COM> writes:

> Hi Owen,
> Just to be sure I'm understanding of the implications are correct :
> - pango has now a full dependency on fontconfig.
>   (As a side question why is fontconfig using expat instead of libxml)

It only has a dependency if you want to build the FT2 or Xft backends;
so, yes for GNOME usage, it there is a dependency, but not in general.

> - pango has now a full dependency on xft.
>   (which in turn as a dependency the XRender extension)
> (by full dependency I mean configure stop if fontconfig.pc and xft.pc 
> are not present on the system).

No hard dependency on Xft was meant to be added. (There might be bugs
in, of course.)


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