Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

HideToshi Tajima <hidetoshi tajima sun com> writes:

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> >Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede Sun COM> writes:
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> >>> Hi Owen,
> >>> Just to be sure I'm understanding of the implications are correct :
> >>> - pango has now a full dependency on fontconfig.
> >>>   (As a side question why is fontconfig using expat instead of libxml)
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> >It only has a dependency if you want to build the FT2 or Xft backends;
> >so, yes for GNOME usage, it there is a dependency, but not in general.
> >
> It seems that we need at run-time whichever we want
> to use FT2 or Xft
> backends. What other files are required to install for run-time?
> etc/fonts.conf and
> etc/fonts.dtd are perhaps. Anything else?

The fontconfig library and /etc/fonts/fonts.conf are the only
runtime dependencies (other than the font files.)

/etc/fonts/fonts.dtd isn't required but it may be nice to include
it; e.g. if you run emacs on /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and you have PSGML
mode installed, then it will know about the DTD.

> >>> - pango has now a full dependency on xft.
> >>>   (which in turn as a dependency the XRender extension)
> >>> (by full dependency I mean configure stop if fontconfig.pc and
> >>> xft.pc are not present on the system).
> >>
> >
> >No hard dependency on Xft was meant to be added. (There might be bugs
> >in, of course.)
> >
> Yes, actually - I'm seeing one on Solaris build - after installing
> expat and fontconfig.
>      configure: error: Library requirements (xft >= 2.0.0) not met;
> consider adjusting the        PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if
> your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so
>      pkg-config can find them.
> should it be in bugzilla?

Yep. I think I've fixed this now in CVS.


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