Re: Pango & printing?

Le Thu, Jul 04, 2002, à 07:53:19AM +0900, Akira TAGOH a écrit:

> CC> What happens if the font is huge (eg: Lucida Unicode), and we actually want
> CC> to send only a dozen glyphs? Can we avoid carrying five megs worth of
> CC> outlines then?
> If you have the PostScript printer supported the level 3 or
> you install the gs-cjk on your environment, you can use the
> CIDFont and the CMap. it will avoid too big files.

Can one:
	- use CIDFont and CMap on "standard" (Latin script ;-) ) fonts?

	- create custom CID/CMap stuff on the fly (you know what the
problems in dia are...) and embed the thing into EPS

Could you give me a couple pointers on that CID stuff? (this is really a
dark corner -- most PS information sites I know about barely cover level

I'm not too concerned about demanding gs-cjk -- hasn't Ghostscript 7.?? been
re-released as GNU Ghostscript recently?

	-- Cyrille


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