Re: imhangul is not correct..

>> >> I finally have some time to play with the Hangul input module in 
>> >> gtk 1.3...  :)  But the input algorithm is totally incorrect.
>> >> 
>> >> `r k r k' should produce `U+AC00 U+AC00', instead of '0xac01 0x314f'.
>> Thank you for testing. I could not find the bug
>> because I just started to learn Korean language.

I wrote a new implementation which does not use GtkIMContextSimple.
You can test it with
$ ./configure; make; ./
 and choose Hangul in the text field.

You can toggle input method by shift+space key or option menu.
;put screenshot at
Yusuke Tabata
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
 tee kuis kyoto-u ac jp

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