Re: imhangul is not correct..

>> I finally have some time to play with the Hangul input module in 
>> gtk 1.3...  :)  But the input algorithm is totally incorrect.
>> `r k r k' should produce `U+AC00 U+AC00', instead of '0xac01 0x314f'.
Thank you for testing. I could not find the bug
because I just started to learn Korean language.

>> Could GtkIMContextSimple handle such this sequences?
Maybe it can't.
There are following solutions.
 a) add this functionality to GtkIMContextSimple.
 b) make a new class directly derived from GtkIMContext.
In anyway, to be a full fledged input method system, use of 
GtkIMContextSimple is not a good idea.
We want to switch input methods between native input methods
and default(Latin chars) via keyboard or to show status of the input method.
(Please see ,
 this is an implementation of immodule)

>> I'll try to write a new one (if I have more spare time in the near
>> future :).
I also trying to fix this problem, but implementation of
native people would be appreciated.

>> Though I like the clean design of the Emacs hangul input module, it
>> takes too much memory.  To handles all the Unicode Hangul syllables,
>> the table size will be about 4 times bigger.  I'd like to use Hangul
>> input automata used in hanterm.
I don't think the size of read-only data matters.

Yusuke Tabata
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
 tee kuis kyoto-u ac jp

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