Re: imhangul is not correct..

tee kuis kyoto-u ac jp (Yusuke Tabata) writes:

> >> >> I finally have some time to play with the Hangul input module in 
> >> >> gtk 1.3...  :)  But the input algorithm is totally incorrect.
> >> >> 
> >> >> `r k r k' should produce `U+AC00 U+AC00', instead of '0xac01 0x314f'.
> >> Thank you for testing. I could not find the bug
> >> because I just started to learn Korean language.
> I wrote a new implementation which does not use GtkIMContextSimple.
> You can test it with
> $ ./configure; make; ./
>  and choose Hangul in the text field.

Great (but please make your distfile by "make dist". it lacks some
files. :).  It will be useable if it handles backspace properly and
3-bulsik Hangul keyboard type (hangul3.el for Emacs).

> You can toggle input method by shift+space key or option menu.
> ;put screenshot at

Is it an immodule's duty to handle this state?  

Hmm..  Then, IMO XIM-based input module, like the Japanese one, should
be the best solution for Korean.  Usually all input entries in one
toplevel window (sometimes in one program or in the whole desktop)
share one Hangul toggle state.  And most users still prefer to see the
Hangul toggle state from the panel, rather than besides the input

Changwoo Ryu

Cc'ing is encouraged

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