Re: Font Problems

At 11:53 AM 8/23/2002, Owen Taylor wrote:
You probably have a non-gzipped pcf version of clearlyu somewhere
in /usr/share/fonts or /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

Unfortunately, it's really hard to work around the problem of
fonts that have Arabic glyphs but no GSUB table, because fontconfig
works only by straight coverage, and it will have already said
"clearlyu has these glyphs, I don't need to add another font"
before Pango even gets involved at all.

It seems to me that passing the ClearlyU font to the arabic-xft shaper is just plain wrong. That shaper needs to be called with an OpenType font. We need to arrange things so that this shaper is never invoked with a non-OT font. Perhaps it should be given a chance to examine the font and say "no thanks. I can't use that font." so that another shaper can be invoked...



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