Re: Font Problems

At 12:08 PM 8/23/2002, Owen Taylor wrote:
How is an "empty LangSys" represented in a font? I'm not opposed
to adding in some sort of tolerance if it's pretty clean, but if
there is a LangSys pointing off the end of the font or something,
then I think we should definitely refuse to load the font.

In general, I think we should be strict about validation of fonts
until we actually have reports about production fonts that are
causing problems ... otherwise, we are just encouraging (in a small
way) such broken fonts.

In this particular font, it had a default LangSys with no features, and the LangSys count was zero. So, one could argue that this is well formed, but just useless. (I guess it's a stub left around by an early version of some font building tool...) My patch just skips over the offending script and continues to read the other one, which is fine. (It will reject the font if there are *no* vaild scripts.)

I don't have a stong feeling about this one way or the other, so I'm OK with not including the patch.



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