Re: Font Problems

Around 14 o'clock on Aug 23, Owen Taylor wrote:

> The easiest way to deal with this is simply to list the fonts you
> want used for such languages in fonts.conf explicitely; they
> will then be found before other fonts with covering these
> codepoints.

I'd like to get such changes into the released fonts.conf file -- my 
desire is that most users need never change that configuration.  Note that
current fontconfig bits reference /etc/fonts/local.conf for local changes 
and that reinstalling fontconfig will wipe out any fonts.conf changes.

> We should probably reverse these fallback definitions and the real
> alias definitions and put a big comment in.

We can't reverse them -- that's how 'Times' gets mapped to 'Times New 
Roman' -- first it gets mapped to 'serif' and then 'serif' is mapped to 
'Times New Roman'.

Comments would probably be a big help though.

Keith Packard        XFree86 Core Team        HP Cambridge Research Lab

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