Re: Font Problems

At 02:17 PM 8/20/2002, I wrote:
* Arabic text doesn't seem to be contextually forming. I'm trying to debug this, but don't have any information yet, other than it does seem to call arabic-xft.c to process the Arabic text. (Also, while debuggin this, it looks like arabic-xft.c is getting called for *each word* in the Arabic text. I guess that it's finding the space character in another font. This is probably a performance hit...) I'm seeing some error messages about invalid GPOS and GSUB tables, so that may be some of the problem... did we perhaps loose some of the bullet-proofing when things got updated to ft2?

I tracked down what's happening w/ Arabic text. Looks like arabic-xft.c is being invoked w/ the ClearlyU bitmap font! Since it's not an OT font, it doesn't have any GSUB/GPOS/GDEF tables, so not much processing is getting done.

Don't know why it should be calling arabic-xft with a bitmap font, and I don't know why it doesn't find the OT font that I have installed on my system and mentioned in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf


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