Re: gtk+/tests/testtext Doesn't Run

At 04:32 PM 8/19/2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

Eric Mader <mader jtcsv com> writes:
> While playing around w/ strace to see where the program was hanging, I
> noticed that if I let it run for about 7 minutes, it *does* come
> up... don't know what that means. Looking at the strace output, it
> looks like maybe it spends several seconds per font, which may explain
> why it takes so long. I've enclosed the strace log.
> Next I tried running fc-cache. This took about 7 minutes to run also,
> and now testtext comes right up. So, it looks like the problem has to
> do with missing font caches... What I don't understand is why this
> didn't happen on my RH 7.3 system. Could it be that the 7.3 installer
> runs fc-cache? (I assume that I have the same set of fonts on both
> systems since they were both installed using the 7.2 installation
> CDs..)

Hmm, are you sure that you upgraded FreeType on the 7.2 machine?
This is exactly the difference I'd expect between a machine
with FT_Get_Next_Char() (added in 2.0.9) and one without
FT_Get_Next_Char(.) The one without FT_Get_Next_Char() would
take a really long time to compute the cached coverage information.


Here's what rpm has to say:

[emader doramichan emader]$ rpm -q freetype
[emader doramichan emader]$ rpm -q --filesbypkg freetype
freetype                  /usr/lib/
freetype                  /usr/lib/
freetype                  /usr/lib/
freetype                  /usr/lib/
    [the rest of the stuff is in /usr/share/doc and /usr/share/locale]
[emader doramichan emader]$

Finally, here's what's in config.log:

[emader doramichan pango]$ grep FT_Get_First_Char config.log
configure:8351: checking for FT_Get_First_Char
[emader doramichan pango]$


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