Re: gtk+/tests/testtext Doesn't Run

At 12:15 PM 8/13/2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

Keith -

Do you remember what this was? I think someone else reported the
same problem, but can't find the reference.

The first step I'd try would be to upgrade to a newer freetype
... either the one from Red Hat 7.3, or maybe 2.1.2 from

(This is the current Red Hat "Raw Hide" freetype RPM ... it has a
bunch of fixes as compared to straight 2.1.2; you can build
binary RPM's from it with rpm --rebuild PACKAGE)


That didn't help... I rebuilt fontconfig, Xft, Pango and GTK+ by re-running the config script and then doing "make" - should I have done a "make clean" first?


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