RE: About Windows GTK+ BIG5... WINDOWS?!

I wasn't aware that Pango ran on win32 (or is this just gtk+?).  Wow.  And
now I've gone from vaguely curious to Genuinely Interested.  So what's
involved in using the Win32 version of Pango.

See, it just so happens that we're just starting the design phase on a
multi-lingual layout engine (including vertical type, all the screwy
japanese layout rules, and so on).  While we've looked at your design docs,
we didn't think the code would be of any use to us.  I'm pleasantly
surprised to know better.

I take it hasn't been updated in a while... (last status report
filed almost exactly a year ago).  Is there a more up-to-date source of info
on the Pango project?

And having poked around, I see that win32 font support has been in
the API since Jan-26 (though the api pages themselves aren't dated).

--Mark Storer
  Software Engineer
  Cardiff Software

#include <disclaimer>
typedef std::disclaimer<Cardiff> Discard;

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