RE: About Windows GTK+ BIG5... WINDOWS?!

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Mark Storer wrote:

> I wasn't aware that Pango ran on win32 (or is this just gtk+?).  Wow.  And
> now I've gone from vaguely curious to Genuinely Interested.  So what's
> involved in using the Win32 version of Pango.

Compiling Gtk+ cvs HEAD on Win32 is sort of an adventure, but it normally 
builds after you've updated the makefiles.

Some help and binaries are availible on

> See, it just so happens that we're just starting the design phase on a
> multi-lingual layout engine (including vertical type, all the screwy
> japanese layout rules, and so on).  While we've looked at your design docs,
> we didn't think the code would be of any use to us.  I'm pleasantly
> surprised to know better.

Cool. I recently did some work on the native Win32 font code, and it seems 
to work very well now.
> I take it hasn't been updated in a while... (last status report
> filed almost exactly a year ago).  Is there a more up-to-date source of info
> on the Pango project?

Pango development is very much integrated into the general Gtk+ 
development right now. A lot of discussion about it occur at 
gtk-devel-list gnome org 
/ Alex

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