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From: Keyur Shroff <keyur konark ncst ernet in>
To: Joshua N Pritikin <vishnu pobox com>
Subject: Re: port to gtk+ 1.3.x?

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Joshua N Pritikin wrote:
> > Also you'll have to change line in your xmodmap file. Change
> > from
> >  keycode 0x71 =  Alt_R           Meta_R
> > to
> >  keycode 0x71 =  Mode_switch     XF86ModeLock
> Yah, i tried this and i tried:
>   keycode 0x71 = Mode_switch Multi_key

I don't know exactly what Pango internally uses (XKB method or
Xmodmap) to load a keyboard map. With this settings I can type Hindi
on IndiX system without any problem.

> The other thing i noticed is that something deep inside KDE hangs for
> about 20 seconds after the initial xmodmap.  After 20 seconds, KDE
> starts working again but the hang is somewhat disturbing.

I have no idea about this problem.


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