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To: Joshua N Pritikin <vishnu pobox com>
Subject: Re: port to gtk+ 1.3.x?

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Joshua N Pritikin wrote:

> Hi!
> i'm developing an application based on gtk+ 1.3.x which i want to localize
> for Hindi & other indic languages.  The indic shaper in Pango is about 90%
> working.  i have reported problems to gtk-i18n-list gnome org but Owen
> doesn't have the expertise to fix them himself.
> Surely your team is working to merge the indix changes back into
> upstream sources?  How is this work progressing? 

Yes. We'll try to merge the changes made in IndiX system into upstream

> Can you suggest a fix for: 
>    http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67216

Your first and third problem seems to be a bug in Indic shaper.

You can type p.r using key sequence h,d,j on inscript layout. You can
get rid of pressing Alt key by disabling XKB method. To do that edit
your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file and uncomment the line 

   Option  "XkbDisable"

in InputDevice section of keyboard. Here I assume that you are using
XFree86 4.0 or later.

Also you'll have to change line in your xmodmap file. Change
 keycode 0x71 =  Alt_R           Meta_R
 keycode 0x71 =  Mode_switch     XF86ModeLock

where 0x71 is keycode of Right-Alt (AltGr) key.

You can see the keycodes of the keys on your keyboard using 'xev'

Shift-3 and Shift-4 are mapped to generate more than one
character codes in Windows. However in Linux, xmodmap doesn't allow
you to generate more than one keycode on pressing a single key. It has
to be taken care by the shaper.


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