Re: Whining about gettext limitation

"Sergey I. Panov" <> writes:

> The problem I refere to is that original English text is used as a
> message ID. English has rather trivial grammar and, as a result, the
> same word can be used in greater variety of circumstances then in
> other languages. E.g. English adjectives does not change with gender
> and are the same when used with plural and singular nouns.
> Just one example: "General" and "Advanced" labels can be used in
> "Settings" and in "Setup" dialogs. While in English both Settings and
> Setup can be General or Advanced in other languages different grammer
> forms should be used. That particular problem has a simple solution --
> translate Settings, Setup, Preferenses and Options as one term. But 
> there are more complex cases.

The fact, "the *English text* is used as a message ID", is not
important here.  Any 1:1 translation mechanisms (catgets, X resources,
or whatever) could cause this problem, if the original developer
doesn't care about such language issues.

Changwoo Ryu

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