Whining about gettext limitation

I do not know gettext well enough to be sure that there is no standart
solution for the problem I am about to describe. In fact, I am posting
that message in hope that some one knows way around that problem.

The problem I refere to is that original English text is used as a
message ID. English has rather trivial grammar and, as a result, the
same word can be used in greater variety of circumstances then in
other languages. E.g. English adjectives does not change with gender
and are the same when used with plural and singular nouns.

Just one example: "General" and "Advanced" labels can be used in
"Settings" and in "Setup" dialogs. While in English both Settings and
Setup can be General or Advanced in other languages different grammer
forms should be used. That particular problem has a simple solution --
translate Settings, Setup, Preferenses and Options as one term. But 
there are more complex cases.

Does anyone knows a general solution, short of altering gettext design? 


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