Re: Whining about gettext limitation

> It is not a gettext limitation.  If an application does not translate
> correctly because of that, it has to be fixed.  It is similar to the
> plurals case; you should be doing
> 	if (n > 1)
> 		sprintf (buf, _("You have %d thing"), n);
> 	else
> 		sprintf (buf, _("You have %d things"), n);
> instead of
> 	sprintf (buf, _("You have %d thing%s"), n, (n > 1) ? _("s") : "");
> since the latter is not correct.

 I was talking about different case. Suppose you have "Sticky" in one
place in your program used as a label of the check button in the
property dialog of your window. In that case you want it to be
translated as ajective to singular (e.g. in Russian it would be
"Lipkoe"-- singular of "undefined" gender). But then, in other place
in the same program, you could have "Sticky" as a label of the sticky
windows list.  In that case you want to translate it as ajective to
plural ( e.g. in Russian it would be "Lipkie")


PS. Please, do not flame me for tranlating "Sticky" and "Lipkij" in real
case I would try to avoid such a literal translation.

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