Re: Whining about gettext limitation

>   I was talking about different case. Suppose you have "Sticky" in one
>  place in your program used as a label of the check button in the
>  property dialog of your window. In that case you want it to be
>  translated as ajective to singular (e.g. in Russian it would be
>  "Lipkoe"-- singular of "undefined" gender). But then, in other place
>  in the same program, you could have "Sticky" as a label of the sticky
>  windows list.  In that case you want to translate it as ajective to
>  plural ( e.g. in Russian it would be "Lipkie")

Ah.  I got you wrong :-)  Please see the "(gettext)comparison" info
node, it has an explanation of how to deal with this.

>  PS. Please, do not flame me for tranlating "Sticky" and "Lipkij" in real
>  case I would try to avoid such a literal translation.

No problem.  "Pegajoso" in Spanish would sould weird as a translation
for "sticky", too :-)


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