Re: Whining about gettext limitation

> Just one example: "General" and "Advanced" labels can be used in
> "Settings" and in "Setup" dialogs. While in English both Settings and
> Setup can be General or Advanced in other languages different grammer
> forms should be used. That particular problem has a simple solution --
> translate Settings, Setup, Preferenses and Options as one term. But 
> there are more complex cases.
> Does anyone knows a general solution, short of altering gettext design? 

I don't think you can actually foresee any possible situation. How would
gettext know that "Settings" is plural and one has to case the "General"?
You'd have to program all grammar then. I understand
that you mean Russian. What I usually do is basically an invention of
a neutral translation. It does not work all the time, though. :-((
You're right, English has a rather trivial grammar, so these things are

Another solution would be to and hack Gnome (or whatever) sources and
instead of one "General" make two, one for the singular and one for
plural. Should not be that hard, I believe.



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