Re: Field description is missing in source code comment block.

On 07/04/15 00:01, Stefan Sauer-san wrote:
On 07/03/2015 12:59 PM, Takao Fujiwara wrote:
When I try to build xml, I got the following error about IBusPropList::properties:

../../../src/ibusproplist.h:73: warning: Field description for IBusPropList::properties is missing in source 
code comment block.
  * IBusPropList:
  * @properties: GArray that holds IBusProperties.
  * An array of IBusProperties.
struct _IBusPropList {
     IBusSerializable parent;

     /*< public >*/
     GArray *properties;

How can I resolve this warning?
This looks correct, what gtkdoc versiona re you using (e.g. gtkdoc-mkdb --version). Btw, while looking at 
your code, this comment is wrong:

Thanks for your reply. The version is 1.23

When I run gtkdoc-mkdb for ibusproplist.[c|h] only, the warning is not shown.
So probably this problem is caused by the nested included files of ibus c and h files.
I need to have a furthermore investigation but the debug of gtkdoc-scan, gtkdoc-scangobj, gtkdoc-mktmpl, 
gtkdoc-mkdb are a little complicated for me.
This problem can be seen when I just run make on the top of the source directory.

  * ibus_prop_list_new:
  * @returns: A newly allocated IBusPropList.
  * New a IBusPropList.

It should be
  * ibus_prop_list_new:
  * Create a new IBusPropList.
  * Returns: A newly allocated IBusPropList.

OK, I see.

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