Re: sgml-id / xml-id and namespaces

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:54:54PM +0100, Nicola Fontana wrote:
> > But this does not solve the type/section clash, does it?
> Yes, it will: the section is nothing more than a root subsection. The
> problem is the final file name should be treated specially (as I think
> nobody would like "DOC:::GtkWidget.html" or something similar), but I
> guess the file name is yet handled apart.

I thought most people expect #GtkWidget to lead to the section, not to
the struct definition (that usually does not contain anything useful).
That is if a type has a section on its own, #type should lead to the
section; it should lead to the struct definition only if it's an
auxiliary type without a top-level section.

So you suggest to write #GtkWidget to link to the section and
#GtkWidget-with-some-suffix-or-prefix to the struct, but the XML ids
being exactly opposite, i.e GtkWidget-compilicated for sections and
GtkWidget for the struct?  Does it makes sense?


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