Re: tmpl/ to xml/ without DOCTYPE front matter

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 08:55:33PM -0400, Philip Kovacs wrote:
> Great.  The only thing I need to change in my descriptions
> is my use of c-style comments (/* */) in my code examples.  
> Looks like I need to create xml entity references for these 
> in my -docs.sgml because the compiler doesn't like nested 
> comments.

Well, I'd rather calls entities abused than used for this
purpose, XInclude does directly what one needs...

Anyway, C style comment are possible.  A couple of basic
embedded code samples tricks:

 * ...
 * <informalexample><programlisting>
 * GtkWidget *w;
 * <!-- Make an empty line avoiding autoparagraphization -->
 * w = gtk_tree_view_new<!-- -->();  <!-- Prevent linkification -->
 * /<!-- -->* Insert a C comment to the example *<!-- -->/
 * ...
 * </programlisting></informalexample>

And thanks to the fact DocBook processing is typically set
not to preserve comments, the resulting HTML does not
contain any of this rubbish, it only clutters the source


Anonyms eat their boogers.

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