Re: possible to adjust column widths of api listings?

Hi Philip,

unfortunately you example gets wrapped by the mailreader. If you are
familiar with html, maybe you could create a mockup and add a
feature-request to bugzilla. Just take the html file which has such a bad
formating. Cut out stuff that is irrelevant and add an example of how it
should be formatted instead.
This would help us to understand the problem and give us an idea how we
might do better.


On 7:02:23 am 05/06/2006 Philip Kovacs <kovacsp3 comcast net> wrote:
> I just installed gtk-doc 1.6 and have a quick question.
> Many of my function names are quite long and the tabular api listings
> produced
> by gtk-doc wrap the parameter lists down to the next line for column
> alignment.
> Is is possible to control the table column widths at all?
> void          some_ridicuously_long_function_name_goes_here
> (parameter1, ...)    // line wrap for colume alignment!
> I want to pull the parameter list up and move that column over to the
> right.
> Thanks,
> Phil
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