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Hi all,

the original xml docs are written by Chris Lyttle and Dan Mueth. The basically
have streted the docbook help file and written some introductions.
The documents is under GFDL 1.1.
I don't know what others think about this licence. Which licence would be more
Should I mail to the oringinal aithor to ask for permission to change the
licence. If so where do we archive their answers (this list)?

I know - many question. For now I stop extending the help file untile this is


> Stefan Kost <kost imn htwk-leipzig de> writes:
>>>I've files the neccesary changes under
>>>I used Gnu FDL as the licens in the OMF file.
> Are you aware that there are some nasty problems with the GNU FDL, not
> least it being mutually-incompatible with the GNU GPL (and every other
> free software licence), the implication being unless you are the sole
> copyright holder, you can't easily copy any material between the GFDL
> documentation and the program(s) it documents?
> [All GFDL works are due to be purged from Debian after the next stable
> release (some are already gone), and will not be reinstated until the
> FSF fix the licence.  It's extremely unfortunate, but the licence is
> currently not free by several measures.]
> Regards,
> Roger
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