Re: gobject API docs and tutorial merge : stage 1


the question now is which way to go?
I've a gnome cvs account, thus I can check files in CVS, but I have no shell account to do it.

For now, as I told you already in my last email, it should be okay to
checkin your changes to the gobject-doc module.

Who could do the CVS merge?

The glib maintainers.

Rather actually, the GNOME system adminstrators (cvsmaster gnome org
goes to the right place.) But since I'm in both camps, I'll do it right

Owen, many thanks. I have commited my changes by now and also some overhaul of the gobject interface section.

Today I've received the missing translatable files message on glib-devel

Please put these files into or POTFILES.skip files. Thanks.

There is no POTFILES.skip in CVS yet. Should I create it, or is this handled differently?


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