Re: gobject API docs and tutorial merge : stage 1

Hi Mathieu,

3) links from description [extra doxbook xml files] to API docs

As I already pointed out in an old private mail to you on function
links, I would like to see you use a small script to generate the links
on each data marked with <function> and <macro> tags. If you want to, I
can write the trivial perl code required to do this. I would resist any
sort of change to the xml which would require more markup than just
marking function names with <function> tags.

I did that in jEdit with regexp search and bean-shel replace ;). I thing this would be a good convinience utillity for gtk-doc. When doing the CVS merge of the gobject-tutorial files to the gobject repository, they could be commited to the tmpl directory and a new target rule for the documentation could try to extend all such links and created modified files in the xml directory.

Problem: links against functions that refer to example code would cause dead links. Thats why I did it half-automatic.

Any ideas?


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