Re: widget accessibility roles: being able to override it


Samuel Thibault, on lun. 05 mars 2018 16:17:24 +0100, wrote:
Some dialog boxes use labels for static information, e.g. printer
status, replace result, etc.  For the screen reader to properly
understand that, it should have role ATK_ROLE_STATIC.  I have not found
any way in glade's .ui format to specify this, actually ROLE_STATIC does
not appear in gtk+3.0 source code, so I guess it's just not there.

I'm thinking we could have something like

  <role type="static"/>

to be able to specify e.g. labels' role?

FI, I have posted a patch implementing this in gtk on

Along the way, I found that there is

    <child internal-child="accessible">
            <object class="AtkObject">
                    <property name="AtkObject::accessible-role">ATK_ROLE_STATIC</property>

which is supposed to do the same, but that doesn't work:
"accessible-role" is supposed to be an int, not a string, and thus one
would have to put 117 there instead of ATK_ROLE_STATIC, which is really
going to work :)

So I'd say my proposal still make sense?


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