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 Hi Kasper,

As Allin said, you can get really good results if you stick with Gtk2 and
use MS-Windows theme and libwimp.dll engine.

You can get results that *some* people might think *look* "really good". That aside, I don't think advising sticking with GTK+ 2 makes for good advice.

Why not, instead, get someone interested in using a modern version of the toolkit - perhaps even enough that they will look into maintaining a theming engine that will provide what they want?

Fwiw, I do use GTK+ on Windows semi-frequently, but (A) I'm probably a minority there and (B) I actually *like* that it has its own theme, so I don't have to make theming changes targeting 2 different look-and-feels. I wonder if these 2 points aren't part of the reason that Windows-style theming has apparently fallen by the wayside a little.

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