Re: [g-a-devel] No module anymore & perfect zoom feature

Bastien Nocera, on lun. 05 mars 2018 15:21:47 +0100, wrote:
Perhaps, but you'd be doing a disservice to your users trying to
implement this as a "can run anywhere" solution. I don't think there's
any way you can implement this generically so that there's no work
needed on other desktops.

Implementing this in GTK+ and gnome-shell gives you the opportunity to
experiment with an interface that should hopefully be applicable to
other compositors, and compositing window managers.

It looks like there is a misunderstanding.

I'm not saying that it has to be completely external to gtk and its
compositor. I'm saying that it has to be not only internal to gtk and
its compositor. The gnome desktop can be a testbed, sure, I'm just
saying that we have to keep in mind to have a generic interface that can
be implemented by other widget libraries, and used by other compositors.


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