Re: [g-a-devel] No module anymore & perfect zoom feature

Emmanuele Bassi, on jeu. 01 mars 2018 15:32:37 +0000, wrote:
    The display server can not invent information, at best it could
    achieve the zoom-gimp.png result, which is really not enough for
    visually-impaired people. Here I have only magnified a couple of times,
    people quite often request for 10x-30x magnification.

The compositor can say to the toolkit to render with a different scaling factor
- we do that for hidpi so toolkits already know how to deal with it.

Can it do so several times?  I mean, users like to have both the
magnified version and the non-magnified version.

No need to do vector rendering; after all, things are rendered to
pixmaps anyway, not using vector based API.

I'm not asking for vector rendering, but bigger pixmap rendering.


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