Re: No module anymore & perfect zoom feature

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 5:49 AM, Samuel Thibault <samuel thibault ens-lyon org> wrote:

So, I also saw the removal of generic modules.

Unfortunately we currently need it for implementing perfect zoom feature

The context is that visual-impaired users need magnification of the
desktop. Changing font sizes / dpi etc. have their limit, at some point
we need to just have a zoomed view of a piece of the screen. Currently
compiz' ezoom takes the piece of the screen, and magnify it to show it
on the screen, with obviously awful pixelization effects.

Our idea was very similar to gtk-vector-screenshot : instead of taking
the output as it is displayed on the screen, get a module loaded within
the application, with which ezoom can discuss to make the application
produce a magnified rendering of its window, which ezoom can then show
in the magnification glass, thus getting perfect zoom.

Without module loading, I don't know how to implement it :) Or perhaps
this could be added as an AT-SPI interface?

If it is a toolkit-level feature that is needed desktop-wide, it needs to be implemented in the toolkit proper, not added through the backdoor via a module. I know that this will require some rearchitecting and may not be super-easy, but I still believe that this is the right way forward.

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