Re: Proposal: Recommend meson for glib 2.58.0

On Fri, 2018-06-08 at 18:59 +0100, Philip Withnall wrote:


My proposal would be:
1) Starting from 2.57.2 (next dev release), create release tarballs
using "ninja dist" and recommend disto to build with Meson 0.46.1.
This would mean that './configure' in a release tarball won't work,
people still wanting to use autotools will have to update their
scripts to use "./" instead and adjust their build deps.
IMHO, forcing a small change is a good incentive to have most of
our users switch to meson. This would give us good feedback while
still keeping the door open to rollback if any blocker bug appears.
2) Starting from 2.59.1 (next dev cycle), drop autotools completely
from our git repository.    

How about:
1) Starting from 2.57.2, create release tarballs with `ninja dist`,
but recommend that distributions still build with autotools (unless
they want to dogfood with Meson early).

Just to make sure everyone is aware of this, this also means distros
will always need to always build the documentation with gtk-doc, since
"ninja dist" won't include generated html files in the tarball. It just
includes whatever is checked into git (they could be checked into git
of course if that was a deal-breaker for some reason).


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