Re: Proposal: Recommend meson for glib 2.58.0

Le vendredi 08 juin 2018 à 18:59 +0100, Philip Withnall a écrit :
How about:
1) Starting from 2.57.2, create release tarballs with `ninja dist`,
recommend that distributions still build with autotools (unless they
want to dogfood with Meson early).
2) From 2.57.3, switch to recommending that distributions build with

Yeah, why not, let's start it slow. What I like with that step is we
can easily roll new tarballs with "make distcheck" if packagers have
any issues.

Btw, when is 2.58.0 due? And how many dev release do we plan in

3) Starting from 2.59.0 (the actual start of next dev cycle), drop
autotools completely; assuming that steps 1 and 2 have gone OK.

Of course, each step is conditional to the previous going fine.

I want to make sure that distributions only start building GLib using
Meson for their unstable/development releases, rather than for stable
releases. There have only recently been bugs about code which was
compiled with autotools not being built with Meson (the FAM file
monitor comes to mind), which doesn’t give me enough confidence to
to recommending building with Meson right yet.


BTW, why are you recommending 0.46.1? The dependency in our top-level is currently 0.46.0.

Because 0.46.1 is what we have in our CIs, the .1 is only for bug

Xavier Claessens.

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