Proposal: Recommend meson for glib 2.58.0


Things are looking pretty well with meson in GLib master. We have CI
working for pretty much all interesting platforms (more to come) and
there are only a few remaining issues with "Meson" tag in gitlab[1].

I think the longer we keep 2 build systems, the more time we waste on
useless tasks. So I would like to discuss a roadmap that would lead to
dropping autotools.

My proposal would be:
1) Starting from 2.57.2 (next dev release), create release tarballs
using "ninja dist" and recommend disto to build with Meson 0.46.1. This
would mean that './configure' in a release tarball won't work, people
still wanting to use autotools will have to update their scripts to use
"./" instead and adjust their build deps. IMHO, forcing a
small change is a good incentive to have most of our users switch to
meson. This would give us good feedback while still keeping the door
open to rollback if any blocker bug appears.
2) Starting from 2.59.1 (next dev cycle), drop autotools completely
from our git repository.        

Disclaimer: I'm not a GLib maintainer so this email is only about
opening the discussion. There is no decision made yet.


Xavier Claessens.


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