Re: Is a Module Definition File needed when building with MSVC (gtk-2-24)?

On 24/01/2018 13:26, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
This is possibly a case that was solved with this commit:

i.e. the older version of the Python port you used generated too many
symbols that aliased the ones provided by GLib.

Hi Emmanuele,

That commit was already present when I tried this morning but to be absolutely certain, I just re-built Glib and Gtk-2 again Unfortunately though, the problem is still present... :-(

Just to be absolutely clear... there's no problem when I try to build Glib. Glib itself builds fine. The linker problem arises when I subsequently try to build Gtk-2 (specifically, the 'gtk-2-24' branch). Gtk-2 uses the glib-genmarshal (python) script from Glib to generate some source files - notably, 'gtk/gtkmarshal.c'. That's the bit that's stopped working.


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