Re: Is a Module Definition File needed when building with MSVC (gtk-2-24)?

I've made some good progress on this today and believe it or not, it's looking like a problem with Glib - but first, the older (exe) build:-

On 22/01/2018 04:12, 范,君維 wrote:

test using the Python version of glib-genmarshal and see whether the linking z   works properly?  If not, use the former .exe version of the tool


I went back to using glib-genmarshal.exe temporarily but strangely - AFAICT it never generated those missing functions (gtk_marshal_VOID__BOXED / gtk_marshal_VOID__ENUM etc. etc.)  However... by a fortunate coincidence back then, 'gtk.symbols' wasn't trying to export them either.  So the fact that they didn't exist just never got noticed.

So what about the Python build?  Did that one ever generate those functions?  Well, yes - it seems like it did generate them initially...

I still have an older version of glib-2-54 available, dating from the middle of November 2017 (note: Glib, not Gtk2).  If I restore my November 2017 version of Glib, the Gtk build (python version) suddenly starts working again (in other words, '
gtk_marshal_VOID__BOXED' and all those others functions do now get generated).  But if I update to my most recent version of Glib from a few days ago (regardless of whether I select glib-2-54 or glib master) 'glib-genmarshal' always generates its files with those particular functions missing.

In my November 2017 version, the most recent commit for 'gobject/' is:- is #100b83a7fa ("genmarshal Only wrap body prototypes in C++ guards").  But a couple of further commits got added since then.  I'm pretty certain one of those new commits has introduced this problem.. :-(

Sorry about the long-winded explanation.!  If anyone thinks it seems plausible, I'll condense it down and file a proper bug report.


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