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To better understand how some glib modules work, I write mini tests. I was thinking it would be beneficial for a lot of people if more examples will be included into the documentation to better explain how an object can be used. Similar to what QT has. I may contribute my examples. When I see a code on git hub I think about pull request. Do you use this approach? Or I should generate a patch and attach it to the bug report as described here I saw was created. Is it a common trend for ? Does glib also go there? Sorry for so many questions, just want to understand how dev process works. 

Some of us are working on a documentation portal and we would love volunteers.  The goal is to create code snippets and what not.  But the current structure at has documentation in various parts and doesn't have a particular organizing principle (eg someone who understands how technical documentation is put together) across all languages.

So if you want to help with creating documetnation we could definitely use you. 



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