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On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 2:30 PM Pavlo Solntsev <pavlo solntsev gmail com> wrote:

To better understand how some glib modules work, I write mini tests. I was thinking it would be beneficial for a lot of people if more examples will be included into the documentation to better explain how an object can be used. Similar to what QT has. I may contribute my examples. When I see a code on git hub I think about pull request. Do you use this approach? Or I should generate a patch and attach it to the bug report as described here I saw was created. Is it a common trend for ? Does glib also go there? Sorry for so many questions, just want to understand how dev process works.

Hi Pavlo,

The GNOME GitHub mirror is just a read-only mirror. Pull requests are ignored for most repositories, although some maintainers will monitor them. I'm not sure what's the case for GLib.

GNOME is in the process of migrating all their repositories to, so GLib will go there eventually too, and accept merge requests there. But until the migration is complete, you should follow the old workflow: generate a patch and attach it to a bug report in Bugzilla.

Good luck with your contribution!

Philip C

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