Re: FILE_NAME_INFO struct in 'glib/gmessages.c'

Hi John,

John Emmas 於 2017/9/17 上午 12:05 寫道:
For Windows programming, I've always been wary of trying to "mix-and-match" between different MSVC libraries (regardless of that Microsoft says!).  So how about this for a compromise...

If the idea is to drop support for Win-XP (and yet retain support for VS2005) we could achieve it with some quite simple changes. Only 2 or 3 files would need to get changed and it's mostly just stuff like this...

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that patches of this sort can be accepted upstream, because one of the main reasons for the drop of XP support is to also clean up the code base, so that block you were mentioning is likely to be dropped soon for the master branch (hence the reason "I think it is the best to make such bumps early in the cycle", so people can test and check their code).

Note that even when you use the SDK that comes with Visual Studio 2005, your code still links to the various system DLLs that are already present on your system that are either there when you installed Windows, or installed via an update, i.e. the same DLLs that will be linked with the Server 2008/Windows 7 SDKs.  Note also, the .lib's that link to DLLs are essentially the ones that tell the linker "make this code call this DLL that I am indicating here to carry out the things needed from this library".  I think there are no separate copies of a system DLL that link to different Microsoft CRTs.  I think your best bet is to try your code built with Visual Studio 2005 using the Server 2008 and/or Windows 7 SDKs, and see how your code runs.  If that is not an option, I think you will need to maintain your own private build compatibility layer that your code will compile (and link) to (especially that you used your own VS 2005 projects).  There are more and more projects that simply do not (or stopped) supporting XP.

Hope this helps.

With blessings, and cheers!


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