Re: FILE_NAME_INFO struct in 'glib/gmessages.c'

Hi John,

John Emmas 於 2017/9/16 上午 03:00 寫道:
It looks like I have VS2005 installed and also the corresponding DirectX SDK.  I can't see any other SDK's that are specific to VS2005.

This means that you are using the Windows SDK that came with your Visual Studio 2005

I'm assuming you're referring to this SDK?

Yes, this is the SDK I was mentioning.  It does work for Visual Studio 2005, see under "Supported Compiler, Platform and related software".

For the Windows 7 (7.1) SDK, see under "System Requirements".  I think it might be best for you to use the 7.1 SDK.

2005 and 2008 will use different CRT modules and you can't normally link stuff to two different CRT libraries.   I'd be a bit surprised if they're compatible... :-(

This is true for non-Windows-system code, but note that the DLLs provided by the system (i.e. those that is linked by the SDK) link to msvcrt.dll, not msvcr90.dll.  Note that the SDK provides headers and ..lib's (this is the same as what MinGW/MSYS does, but from a GCC on Windows perspective), not the system DLLs since they are already on your system since the time you installed Windows and any applicable updates.

Hope this clears things up.

With blessings, and cheers!


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