FILE_NAME_INFO struct in 'glib/gmessages.c'

I just tried building Glib from git master (non-meson build at the moment).

In '' it looks like the value of _WIN32_WINNT got increased to 0x601. This means that when building 'glib/gmessages.c' the struct _FILE_NAME_INFO is no longer defined. However... it's still getting referenced in the function 'win32_is_pipe_tty()'

Similarly... HAVE_IF_NAMETOINDEX is defined to '1' in a couple of places - which means that in 'gio/gsocket.c' the function 'if_nametoindex()' is NOT defined. But again it gets called in a couple of places. It looks like the Glib definition was maybe intended to support older versions of MSVC (I'm using VC-8). So does this mean that VC-8 will be getting dropped soon? Thanks,


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