Re: Build system change GTK's master branch


Thanks to Emmanuele for giving me the credit here :)

Emmanuele Bassi 於 2017/8/15 上午 05:46 寫道:
The change means that GTK+ master now has a build-time dependency on:

   - Python 3.x
   - Meson -
   - Ninja (though Meson also supports Visual Studio out of the box)

Building GTK+ is now a matter of calling:

   $ meson $builddir $srcdir
   $ ninja -C $builddir
   $ sudo ninja -C $builddir install

I should also mention that there are a few bugs underway to make the Meson build experience on Windows/Visual Studio better/working for the stack, which includes:
GLib: 783270 and 784995
ATK: 785802
Pango: 783274
GDK-Pixbuf: 785767
GTK+-4.x/3.9x: 785210 (Meson), 773299 (sources)

Any comments in those bugs are really appreciated, and thanks to all who have given pointers there, including Emmanuele, Bastien, Alejandro and Ignacio (and to those who I may have missed, sorry!)

Note that with the patches applied the Meson/Visual Studio builds are at least on par with the Visual Studio project builds, and GTK+-3.22.x builds (and I am quite confident as a result, 2.24.x builds as well), against the Meson/MSVC builds of the depedencies should be working equally well with the Visual Studio project builds. Do note that though, for Ninja builds at least, --buildtype=debutoptimized will roughly correspond to the 'Release' configs in the MSVC projects (since we want the .pdb files), and the default buildtype (debug) will roughly correspond to the 'Debug' build configs in the MSVC projects. It is highly recommended that Visual Studio project builds of items that uses the Meson/MSVC builds of these aforementioned items be re-built.

Please also note that there is a PR on Meson to fix introspection builds of GTK+ on Windows[1] due to the 8192-character-per-command limit on Windows, and Visual Studio 2008 support is not quite there for projects that still support it (i.e. for Python 2.7.x support, as that is built with Visual Studio 2008 for Windows), as we need to embed SxS manifests with 2008 builds.

With blessings, and cheers!


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