Re: Building glib on MinGW

I wrote:

When building Glib in MinGW I get these errors:

  /bin/sh: dumpbin.exe: command not found

  Digital Mars Librarian Version 8.02n
  Copyright (C) Digital Mars 2000-2007 All Rights Reserved

  Error: unrecognized switch '-machine:X86'

dumpbin.exe is a proprietary Microsoft tool.  Must
Glib depend on it?

I have mustered all my patience and installed  these
tools  from  MS  Visual  Studio 2010 express.  Now I
have this error while building:

  ginetaddress.c: In function 'inet_ntop':
  ginetaddress.c:432:26: warning: comparison between pointer and integer
     if (ws2funcs.pInetNtop != NULL)
  ginetaddress.c:433:12: error: called object is not a function or function pointer
       return ws2funcs.pInetNtop (family, addr, addr_str, size);
  ginetaddress.c: In function 'inet_pton':
  ginetaddress.c:423:1: warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]

This is Glib 2.52.1.

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