Re: G_UTF8String: Boxed Type Proposal


On 19 March 2016 at 18:03, Randall Sawyer <srandallsawyer hushmail me> wrote:
The concision of "GUString" over "G_UTF8String" reflects the concision of my
thoughts over what they were at the beginning of this thread.

Since you've brought it up multiple times, I wanted to ensure you
understood this particular point...

GString is *not* a string type. It's a string builder type, heavily
modeled on StringBuilder in Java:

GString is only meant to be used as a way to build strings from other
sources, not for storing or measuring strings.

The naming is a bit unfortunate, and has tricked various newcomers to
the G* platform libraries.

In general, especially for C developers, you're supposed to store
strings as NUL-terminated char*; for binary blobs, you should using a
uint8_t* with a length, instead. Those are the existing best practices
in the language, and are also used throughout the G* platform.


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