Re: G_UTF8String: Boxed Type Proposal

On 03/19/2016 01:38 PM, Christian Hergert wrote:
On 03/19/2016 06:57 AM, Randall Sawyer wrote:
Some object classes - such as GtkEntryBuffer - store this value and
update it as text is inserted or deleted. That is efficient. The fact
that developers need to write equivalent code for each such class is
A string abstraction like the one you describe is not an efficient way
to do text processing, especially for interactive widgets.


Before we add new data structures to GLib, we like to have a solid use
case for which the data structure solves. So far, I haven't seen a
concrete problem for which this data structure would be the ideal fix.

Thank you, Christian.

I am appreciative of all of the feedback I have received in this thread. :-)

I am currently writing a formalized case for this proposal - including citing specific current source code which uses the Glib API. Next I will edit the code and documentation I have into a more presentable format to submit as a patch via When I have submitted the patch (not sure how long it takes me to get that far - as it is my first), I will post a thread on this mail list entitled "GUString: Boxed Type Proposal".

I am not motivated to be "right". I am instead motivated to discover the best solutions. For this, it is important to leave no stone unturned. All who have responded to this idea have certainly been helping to turn stones - and to help me to better define the question I have.

The concision of "GUString" over "G_UTF8String" reflects the concision of my thoughts over what they were at the beginning of this thread.

Thank you, All.

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